Oktoberfest Bier kit, 5.5 Gallons, All Grain

Oktoberfest Bier kit, 5.5 Gallons, All Grain

  • $39.99

This is a Made To Order Kit. We will assemble your kit once you order it and require 48 hours (working hours, not weekends) to prepare it for you. We will contact you as soon as it is ready for pick up. 


Also known as Märzen, Märzenbier, Wiener Märzen, or Festbier, this beer pours a medium amber with a light frothy head. Bready, toasty, malt character with hints of caramel, but not too sweet. Just a slight earthy, sweetness from the Hallertau hops. Balance is towards the malt but with a firm bitterness. Finishes clean and dry leaving plenty of room for more!

This is a 5.5 gallon all-grain kit. All the grains have been milled and bagged and both hops and yeast are included. This is an advanced brewing kit, meaning the included instruction sheet defines the beer parameters, such as OG, FG, mash temp, etc., but does not include step by step instructions. No equipment is included with this kit.

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