Fermenting Pails and Lids

  • $4.99

Fermenting in pails is one of the most methods we see. They are inexpensive, versatile, easy to clean, easy to access for additions or dry hopping, and safe. 

We offer several different size pails and matching lids. We also offer lids without holes in them for storage, or to allow you to drill and insert a grommet (sold separately) yourself.

  • 6 US Gallon - 24L
  • No Spigot - use for fermenting, storage grains, cleaning water etc.
  • With Spigot - mainly use for bottling. Spigot installed, no lid
  • 7 US Gallon - 27L
  • 8.4 US Gallon - 32L

Pails with spigots are normally used as bottling buckets (can also be used to ferment in, but remove and clean the spigot between batches). Mix your priming sugar and add it to the pail, then add the beer and gently stir the mixture to ensure uniform distribution of the sugar. Fill each bottle by attaching a bottling wand.

Please select the matching lid separately. Lids with holes accept a #6.5 stopper.

If you are looking for grommets to install in solid lids, here is the link