Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water BULK, per liter

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water BULK, per liter

  • $0.25

Price is per liter (approx $0.69 per gallon)

Bring your own container at least 24hrs in advance, and we will refill it with fresh RO water for brewing, no container deposit!


Brewing water quality can have a major impact on beer taste, but often there is no practical option other than tap water and Campden treatment, and even this is often insufficient to overcome shortcomings in your water.

RO is a solution since it is effectively water stripped of all the components and elements that can combine to create noticeable off flavours in your beer. RO is usually not used "as is" since a small amount of ideal elements are needed to ensure mash pH, yeast health, etc.,

Now, not only can you order RO water for your next brew day, but you can order it with, or without (if you have the elements) a Water Additions Kit. 

Water Additions Kits
Since the required additions vary depending on the style of beer being brewed, as well as the grain bill, we have created a selection of AVERAGE additions to be used as a starting point for those new to water profiling. The best way to create a proper profile for your brewing water is to use an online calculator (such as Bru'n Water), input both the base water profile and the grain bill, and make additions based on the results. 

Here are the average additions kits we offer (click HERE for more details)

- Standard Ale (yellow, pale ale, smash, blonde)
- Hoppy Ale (west coast, IPA, pale ale)
- Juicy (NEIPA, milkshake IPA, etc)
- Amber Ale (reds, dark ales)
- Stouts/Porters

If you are bringing blue cylindrical water jugs for refilling, similar to the image, please be sure to bring a cap to seal it with.