Sasquatch (CAN) Hop Pellets

Sasquatch (CAN) Hop Pellets

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Created by Hops Connect, Sasquatch hops are being grown commercially for the first time in B.C. 

Sasquatch promises to be a revolutionary hop, already loved by a number of large breweries, and offering you something completely different!  Although the final result will depending largely on the grain bill, the most common impression was resinous-woodiness and orange, but mint, soft floral, and even grape have been mentioned as being evident. Not likely to do well in a big in-your-face IPA due to low first-year AA values, it is suggested by Hops Direct that pairing Sasquatch will help bring out some of its more notable characteristics. For example, paired with Citra, Cascade, Centennial or Mandarina Bavaria will pull some of the orange flavours forward, while pairing with Amarillo, Calypso, or Perle will accentuate the soft floral, minty notes.

Sasquatch will likely find favour with those making sessionable beers due to its softer aroma and flavour, unlike the harshness of Columbus or Chinook.

Aroma: Tangerine and lemon floral notes
Alpha Acid: 8 - 9%