SMaSH kits - 3 gallons

  • $25.95

SMaSH refers to a Single Malt and a Single Hop kit. It is generally considered a simple recipe that is ideal for new brewers, or brewers looking to learn more about the specific flavours and characteristics of malts, hops, or yeast.

Each of our SMaSH kits features a different malt, hop, and yeast, and have been assembled to roughly represent different regions of the world. Each kit also includes detailed, step-by-step directions, a log sheet to record all the details of the brew day, and some indepth explanations of the various steps, for those who want to understand a bit about what is happening. 

Each kit includes pre-milled malt packed in a grain bag, hops, yeast, fining agent, priming sugar, and step-by-step instructions.  Kits DO NOT include hardware for brewing, such as kettle, hydrometer, thermometer, cleaning supplies, bottles or caps, or fermenter.

English SMaSH kit;
Features Maris Otter malt, East Kent Golding hops, and S04 yeast.  ABV - 4.8%

American SMaSH kit;
Features 2-Row malt, Cascade hops, and US-05 yeast.  ABV - 4.7%

German SMaSH kit;
Features Munich Light malt, Hallertau Millelfruh hops, and T-58 yeast.  ABV - 4.4%

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