Styrian Golding (Slovenia) Hop Pellets

Styrian Golding (Slovenia) Hop Pellets

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Aroma; Resinous and earthy with hints of white pepper

Styrian Golding, also know as Savinjski Golding, goes by a multitude of sometimes confusing aliases. Confusing still is the fact it actually doesn’t come from a Golding at all, but is rather the result of the clonal selection of Fuggle and as such exhibits many Fuggle-like characteristics. 

From a brewer’s perspective, Styrian Golding is a lovely aroma hop and exhibits resinous, earthy flavors that are perhaps considered slightly more refined than Fuggle. It has also been described as imparting subtle aromas of white pepper to a brew.

Alpha Acids - 2.8 - 6%
Beta Acids - 2 - 3%