Sultana (US) Hop Pellets.

Sultana (US) Hop Pellets.

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Sultana™ is a mountain of a hop with big cones, big oils, and big aromas. Sultana™ popularity stems from its huge aroma and flavor profile, as it exhibits big, fruity, ripe pineapple notes, bright citrus, and a subtle hint of pine. If you’ve ever cracked open a fresh can of pineapple chunks, you can get a pretty good guess of what Sultana™’s aroma profile is like.

Sultana™ (formerly known as X06277 and Denali) is BIG. A monster of a plant with gigantic cones, she has a high total oil content to boot! With pineapple, pine and bright citrus notes, Sultana™ is sure to make "one hell of an IPA!"

Alpha Acid: 13 - 15%
Beta Acid: 4.5 - 7.0%
Total Oil: 2.5 - 4.0 mL/100g

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