Taprite Primary beer regulator, Dual

Taprite Primary beer regulator, Dual

  • $168.99

Our High Performance Regulator for High Volume and Commercial Dispense is designed to provide maximum flow for simultaneous dispensing through multiple taps while resisting freeze up. The polycarbonate bonnet is easy to adjust when changing kegs and CO2 tanks. The polycarbonate bonnet and brass body are corrosion resistant make the regulator highly durable in a variety of environments. This 2 Pressure 2 Product Regulator has a CGA320 Inlet, 5/16"Barb Shutoff w/Check, and 60lb and 2000lb Gauges so you can see both your output pressure and how much CO2 is left in your tank.


  • Part Number: T752HP
    Regulator Inlet Type: CGA320
    Working Pressure Range: 0-50psi
    Pressures and Products: 2P2P (two pressures, two products)
    Regulator Gas Type: CO2
    Regulator Outlet Type: 5/16" Barb Shutoff w/Check
    Regulator Type: Beer, CO2, Primary, Tank Mount, Low Pressure, High Flow, Series 740

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Repair Kit - 7740-15