Taprite Secondary regulator, Single

Taprite Secondary regulator, Single

  • $59.99

This secondary regulator is ideal when you want to add a second product to your keg system and operate it at a different pressure, such as when you are force carbonating one keg while dispensing (and enjoying) from the other.

Note: from the primary regulator, you will need a tee coupling in order to branch off a supply line to this secondary regulator. The primary regulator should be set to the HIGHER of the two pressures needed, and the secondary to the LOWER of the pressures. 

  • Part Number: T1661STC
  • Inlet Size: 5/16" Barb (for 5/16"ID Tubing)
  • Working Pressure Range: 0-50psi
  • Pressures and Products: 1P1P (one product, one pressure)
  • Regulator Gas Type: CO2, N2
  • Regulator Outlet Type: 5/16" Barb Shutoff w/Check
  • Regulator Type: Beer, CO2, N2, Secondary, In-Line, Low Pressure, Series 1600, Wall Mount

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Repair Kit - 7740-15


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