The Brew Bag® products for hopping

  • $7.95

The Brew Bag® brand of brew-in-a-bag products have earned a solid reputation for outstanding construction and thoughtful design. The details have been addressed with this product, from the choice of materials to the manner of construction, and this has lead to The Brew Bag® being the acknowledged industry leader.


The Hop Bag is 6" x 23". For shorter kettles simply roll the top down and fasten to your spider. Fits commercially sold spiders as well. Turn inside out to dispose of used hops, then rinse with warm water and hang to dry. Avoid soaps.

The Hop Sock is 3" x 23" and is ideal for dropping or suspending in a keg or fermenter bucket. Simply spray sanitize and fill with hops. To clean hop oils, wash in warm water (avoid soap) or boil for a few minutes. Hang to dry.


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