The Old Bayly at Liverpool ESB

The Old Bayly at Liverpool ESB

  • $32.99

5 gallon, all grain kit, for either infusion or Brew-In-A-Bag (BIAB)

A classic example of an English Extra Special Bitter. The bitterness is balanced perfectly with the malt, which in this case used Maris Otter for that authentic ESB character. Your nose will immediately pick up aromas of honey, lavender, and spice from the hops. Your first taste yields a firm bitterness on the tongue and quickly moves to hints of caramel and toffee, then a slightly sweet yet quick and dry finish leaving you eager for another sip. Easy drinking and crushable, this is sure to become a favourite. The suggested liquid yeast option for this brew is Imperial A09 Pub.

This kit includes the following;

  • premeasured, premilled malt
  • hops, divided, measured, and labelled to match the hopping schedule
  • dry yeast (a suggested liquid yeast option is also available)
  • Irish Moss fining agent
  • complete step by step instructions, including how to treat your water (RO)

You will need;

  • Kettle(s), mash tun, fermenter and tools
  • BIAB bag, if that is your brewing method
  • Bottles, caps, and priming sugar, or keg(s)
  • Water additional salts and acid