Whitbread Golding (UK) Hop Pellets

Whitbread Golding (UK) Hop Pellets

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Whitbread Golding enjoys a robust flavor and hoppiness particularly in comparison to other Golding varieties. With its pleasant, fruity, European-style aromatics, it has traditionally been very popular in England and is currently grown extensively for commercial, craft and home brewing use.

When used as an early addition, Whitbread Golding features a sharp and pronounced bitterness. Mid-boil it’s flavor profile tends toward a sweet fruitiness and as an aroma addition, herbal, woody aromas spring to the fore.

 Aroma:  Pleasant, fruity, European style aroma

Alpha Acid:
5 - 7.5%

Beta Acid:
2.5 - 3.5%

Total Oil: 0.8-1.22 mL/100g

Possible substitutions: Fuggle, East Kent Golding

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