White Labs Ultra-Ferm (amyloglucosidase), 10ml

White Labs Ultra-Ferm (amyloglucosidase), 10ml

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ULTRA-FERM is a liquid amyloglucosidase (highly concentrated) from selected classical strain of Aspergillus niger. Brewers often want to produce light beers or dietetic beers, such as BRUT. In these cases the brewer wants a controlled or complete hydrolysis of starch and dextrins to fermentable glucose. Traditional brewing methods permit only 75 to 80% hydrolysis of starch present in the grain raw material. Ultra-Ferm amyloglucosidase permits total hydrolysis of dextrins to fermentable glucose, from all types of starch.


1) To reduce saccharification times.
2) To saccharify unmalted cereal brews.
3) To increase attenuation.

Temperature should note exceed 60°C. Amyloglucosidase activity is completely destroyed when the wort is held at 85°C for 10 minutes.

Dosage: it is suggested to add 2.0ml per 10lbs of grain in your mash. Ultra Ferm denatures during the boil leaving no trace behind.