Yeast Lightning Nutrient, 28 grams

Yeast Lightning Nutrient, 28 grams

  • $12.49

Stress less about yeast health. 

Our yeast nutrient blend, tailored for the unique needs of beer yeasts. Now in a resealable package at a LOWER cost!

Yeast Lightning can also be used for Hard Seltzers and Ciders, see Data Sheet for more details.

Recommended dosage rate: For best results, use 4g/hL (5g/bbl). Double for hard seltzers and ciders. 
More information: Turbo charge your ferments with Yeast Lightning

* Update March 2022: Yeast Lightning has been reformulated so we can offer it regularly at a lower price point. Same great performance, lower price! *

Yeast Lighting Product Data Sheet