Yeast Lightning Nutrient, 28 grams

Yeast Lightning Nutrient, 28 grams

  • $19.99

NOTE the package size has increased from 20g to 28g

We are pleased to offer a brand new product from Ontario's-own Escarpment Labs, Yeast Lightning!

"A yeast nutrient optimized for the unique needs of brewing yeasts"

This product has been available to pro brewers for a short time and will soon be offered in formal homebrew packaging, but until then, we are offering it in our own packaging. 

There is a great and insightful blog post on the Escarpment website that explains all you need to know about this product (here is the link), but we have summarized a few details here for you;

Why is yeast nutrition important?

Not all yeast is created equal. Some strains need more nutrition (both vitamins and minerals) than others in order to perform at their optimal level, yet some existing yeast nutrients fail to deliver these necessary elements in sufficient quantities. Data from extensive in-house testing at Escarpment Labs pointed clearly to the need for a more specialized beer yeast nutrient than was currently available. Yeast Lightning was born.

What is wrong with the yeast nutrients on the market now?

For the most part, they are better than nothing so adding nutrients to your wort should never be discouraged. However, many of the existing compounds were designed with wine in mind, not beer, and beer requires a different set of nutrients than does wine. Beer yeast is also commonly reused for many generations and the replacement of vitamins and minerals specific to this kind of use is critical. Continuing to add a less effective yeast nutrient generation after generation seems to suggest a diminishing return. Yeast Lightning on the other hand is designed from the ground up for this kind of application.

Yeast Lightning seems to cost more than traditional yeast nutrient. Why is that?

Let's first consider how much you need for a 20 liter (5 gallon) batch of beer. The recommended dosage for pro use is 4g/hL (4 grams per hectoliter). A hectoliter is 100 liters so for a typical 20 liter batch, you need to use between 0.8 - 1.0g. (A level 1/4 teaspoon measures almost exactly 1.0 grams)

Since this product has been specifically engineered by a leading beer yeast manufacturer, it is ideal in every way to support strong fermentation and repitching. Having said that, the actual cost per 20L batch is about $0.75, making it one of the least expensive components of your beer, but easily one of the most important. Since poor nutrition can lead to a range of issues, using Yeast Lighting is actually a very low cost insurance.

Yeast Lighting Product Data Sheet