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For clarification, we DO NOT refill or sell Soda Stream cartridges. We DO refill all sizes of CO2 tanks with proper TC and/or DOT stamps, but we do not fill on-site. Tanks in by Wednesday PM are normally ready for pick up Friday AM. We do not swap out tanks, you will always get your original tank back when refilled.

Visiting us for the first time? Here are some easy directions...

Near the intersection of Bayly Street and Liverpool Road, EAST of the GO Train parking tower, there is 3 single story brown brick buildings. They all look the same, but are numbered 1400, 1410, and 1420. Our building is the one on the left (west) that is right beside the GO Train parking tower. At the very front of our building is a tavern called The New Irish Times. When you spot that, come down the side of the building (to the left of the tavern) and you will find us about 3/4 of the way down, at Unit #9. 

If you are coming from the west on the 401 from Toronto or Scarborough, you can exit at Whites Road, turn right (south) and then left (east onto Bayly. Follow that for a few kilometers PAST Liverpool Road, then past the GO Train parking tower, and turn left into the parking lot of the low brown brick buildings, and we are on the west side. If you are coming from the east on the 401, you can exit at Liverpool Road, turn left (south) and then left (east) onto Bayly, pass the GO Train parking tower, and turn into the low brown brick buildings and come down the side of the west building past the New Irish Times tavern.

1400 Bayly Street, Unit #9
Pickering, Ontario  L1W 3R2

Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm
Saturday, 10am - 4pm
Sunday - Monday, CLOSED

p. 905-556-0725