Same Day Pick Up Option

With no in-store shopping since April, we have now seen a steady pattern emerge between pick-up and delivery orders. The split is just about 50/50 at the moment, which is awesome as we know our front door no-contact system is working and we are pleased that local homebrewers are taking advantage of the home delivery service, keeping them and their families safe at home.

We generally print and sort all overnight orders as soon as we get in the door around 8am. We begin working on Pick Up orders and by about noon we switch our focus to orders being delivered (or mailed) that day. Really small orders are often pulled from the queue and processed quickly as they only take minutes to complete. With our volume at the moment, we are pretty confident that we can offer Same Day Pick Up, with a few conditions...

  1. Please place your Same Day Pick Up orders by 8:00am on the day of pick up. This allows us to see and sort what we need to deal with first.
  2. We CANNOT guarantee we can fill all Same Day orders (depending on volume) but we will do our best. We will message you to confirm your order will be ready that day. 
  3. We close the shop at 4:00pm each afternoon and make home deliveries between 4:00pm - 7:00pm, so if you cannot get here by 4:00pm for your Same Day Pick Up please do not request Same Day.
  4. IMPORTANT: Please be sure you add BOTH a phone number and an email address to your Same Day orders. Shopify is experiencing a technical issue that means some emails we send through the app (such as ready to pick up notices) are NOT reaching you, but we don't know this for several hours or even days. If we message you for a Same Day pick up and do not hear back from you, we will call.
  5. Please do not show up at the shop until you hear from us that it is ready. 

Hopefully those conditions make sense. All orders are placed online. CO2 refilling is NOT done same day. We would like to also offer Same Day Delivery as an option, but the range we are covering at the moment is from mid-Scarborough to Bowmanville, up to Port Perry and Uxbridge so if you NEED same day delivery please contact us, but we may or may not be able to fit it into our delivery window.