Delivery Options

With all the confusion swirling around these days about who is open, who if offering limited access, home delivery, etc., I thought I would just summarize where we are right now.

April 6, 2020

  1. Tuesday to Saturday we offer free front-door NO CONTACT pick up of all orders at our shop in Pickering. We are open 10:00am - 4:00pm, which is 2 hours shorter than normal. We use those extra hours for home deliveries.

  2. Local home delivery is being offered for Durham region and eastern Scarborough Tuesday to Friday after 4pm. This is also a NO CONTACT service. We will drop your order on your porch and then contact you to collect it.

  3. Canada Post is running a day or two longer than normal, but if you are outside of our delivery areas, this is a great option.

    UPDATE: We have been advised that Canada Post is now seeing volume in excess of typical Christmas shopping volumes. Coupled with physical distancing of staff means ALL levels of service are dramatically decreased. KEEP THIS IN MIND IF YOU ORDER LIQUID YEAST as it is very susceptible to temperature. In the 4-8+ days it might take to reach you, it will likely be ruined. We are cautioning customers who order liquid yeast and select this delivery option but ultimately we cannot be help responsible for spoiled yeast shipped in this manner.

There is, or course, no in-store shopping of any kind but with the above noted options, there is also no reason you cannot place an order and receive it in a day or two (locally) or within a few days via Canada Post. If you are at home and want to get in a brew or two, we are essentially OPEN, we are RE-STOCKING weekly, and we are FILLING orders daily.