Imperial Yeast

We are HUGE fans of the yeast Imperial produces, as well as the technical and sales support they offer. As far as liquid yeast goes, this is our primary brand and has become the primary choice for many customers as well.

Important: our inventory will vary during the year to reflect the styles that are popular at that time. Lagers in the fall/winter, Belgians in the spring, IPA's in the spring/summer. This doesn't mean we won't have any lagers strains in stock in July, just maybe fewer.

Two things you can do if we don't have a strain in stock; first, if you need it soon, let us know and if we have an order going into Imperial in the near future, we will add it on for you. Secondly, if you are OK to wait for it, use the "Item out of stock - notify me!" feature by adding your email address. Once that product is back in stock, the system will email you to let you know. This DOES NOT hold inventory for you, simply lets you know that it is back in stock if you still need it. 


It’s often said that brewers make wort, yeast makes beer. The difference in fermentations with Imperial Yeast is immediate. Hitting brewing industry standard pitch rates results in healthier fermentations, shorter tank residency times, higher generation yields, and better beer. Imperial's customer service and technical support are second to none. Our top priority is providing both professional and home brewers with the tools they need for happy fermentations. We want to help you make the best beer possible.

Each Imperial Pitch Right Pouch is designed to directly inoculate a 5 gallon (19L) batch, virtually eliminating the need to make a starter or pitch multiple packs into a single batch. The difference in your home brew fermentations will be immediate. You'll see shorter lag times, faster and healthier fermentations, and make better beer more consistently.

Here is a link to the complete strain poster


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