Expired Yeast

The following yeast packages have reached the end of their suggested "best before" dates, and are now reduced to 50% off. After a period of time, if there are no takers, they will be disposed of.

Before we take that step, we want to offer these products to people who are either making yeast starters, or thinking about beginning to make starters. It is a very common suggestion, even from the yeast manufacturers themselves, that yeast starters should be made for all pitches, even fresh, but some see it as an extra and unnecessary step. In reality, it is well worth the small effort and planning it takes to ensure that your wort gets the very best, most vigorous yeast you can provide.

There are plenty of How To videos and documents online that can help you get started, and while some say starters are not necessary below 1.060, just as many will tell you that a starter for every batch will help take your brewing to the next level.

So what we have on hand has been marked down 50%.  However, there is a catch.. in a short time, whatever is not sold will be disposed of and this deal will be done.