Milwaukee Testing Products

For over 30 years Milwaukee Instruments has been dedicated to helping brewers raise their standards by manufacturing products that make it easy to move from difficult and inaccurate visual testing to accurate and precise digital analysis.

For homebrewers, the importance of pH cannot be understated and anyone who decides to take their brewing "to the next level" realizes that controlling pH in the mash is critical. Using a calibrated pH meter ensures you have the right environment for enzymatic activity to fully convert your grist and yield the ideal wort. 

After looking at the various brands in the market, we settled on Milwaukee Instruments. We offer a range of single and double point calibration meters, replacement tips for the most common pH meters, and calibration buffer solutions, cleaning, and storage solutions.  If you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch with us and we will order it in for you.

Looking to understand a bit more about pH and homebrewing? Here is a link to an article we republished from BYO magazine. It's worth the read!