This multi-class course has been designed from the ground up to take new and novice homebrewers from whatever skill level they may have to the point at which they can repeatedly and successfully tackle any homebrew recipe, with confidence.


  • The first class is an overview of the basics, giving you a glimpse at the process before you decide to commit to the whole course
  • A bi-monthly classroom session that describes and demonstrates the various steps and processes of homebrewing, including selecting the right equipment, extract vs. all-grain brewing, sanitation, ingredients and their role, fermentation, off-flavours, and much more
  • A structured tasting of your first brew, which will deliver a constructive review of your beer, tips for improvement, and pointers for continued success
  • Printed class notes to add to your Brewing Binder for a progressive overview of what you have learned so far
  • Water basics and how to correct your water to match your beer style

All classes will be held in our dedicated classroom at our shop on Wednesday evenings. The first class in the course, Intro to Homebrewing, can be purchased as a stand alone class, after which you can decide to proceed with the balance of the course, or take what you have learned and get on with brewing!  

Your course tuition also includes free admission to 3 of our regular specialized speaker events, such as brewery owner talks, advanced brewing water techniques, malting by a maltster, and more. Each session normally sells for $10.00 per seat, so this is a $30.00 value for exposure and close contact with industry professionals you will not find elsewhere. (*some specialized classes and events are excluded)



  • Equipment selection that suits you and your budget
  • Brewing methods, from extract to BIAB
  • Mashing, the mystery of making wort
  • Water, the basics you need to know
  • Sanitation and why it is critical
  • Packaging your beer, bottles versus kegs. Pro's and Con's
  • Fermentation and how to get it right
  • The role of malt, hops, and yeast
  • Common brewing mistakes and how to minimize them
  • Many more topics and sidebar discussions



This course is best suited to students with little or no knowledge of homebrewing beer, and are looking for an introduction to the hobby. As well, those who may have brewed boxed or canned extract kits in the past and want to move into a more creative and controlled process will find this both a refresher and a step-up from your earlier brewing experience. More experienced brewers will find the topics basic and since many brewers adapt processes to their own styles after a few batches, their techniques may differ from those being presented. We do want to stress that everyone is welcome and brewing as a couple or with a brew buddy is a great way to learn and enjoy a mutual hobby.



At present, we are offering this course in a Fall, Winter, and Spring block. The dates for each block are listed below. (spring 2020 dates are approximate, not final). All classes will begin at 6:15pm and run approximately 2 hours. There is ample parking and easy access via GO train. 

Fall 2019 Block:
October 9 & 23,  November 6 & 20, December 4 & 18 (may change to Dec. 11 after discussion with students)

Winter 2020 Block:

January 15 & 29, February 12 & 26, March 11 & 25

Spring 2020 Block:
April 8 & 22, May 6 & 20, June 3 & 17 (not finalized)

We are working out how to best offer make-up classes for those who can't attend certain classes, or in the event of bad weather. 



The first class in the course is Intro to Homebrewing, which we have been offering for more than a year now.  There will be several options for signing up;

  1. Intro to Homebrewing only: $10.00
    Register for Intro to Homebrewing as a stand-alone class. Includes note for this class only, no binder, no free admission to special events. If you decide to proceed, you can then register via option 2 (see below)

  2. Homebrew School minus Intro to Homebrewing: $100.00
    If you have already taken our Intro to Homebrewing class, register for the balance of the Homebrew School classes. Includes notes, binder, admission to special events.

  3. Full Homebrew School: $110.00
    Intro to Homebrewing plus the remaining 5 classes. Includes notes, binder, admission to special events.


Next Steps

Follow this link to register for our fall session!  

Our classroom seats 12 students, so registration will be first come, first served. 

IMPORTANT: if you find you are unable to register as the class is sold out, please email us with your name and we will add you to a Waiting List.